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Even a pro-Biden Washington Post columnist is against the president’s nomination: ‘He’s too old, and he risks favoring Trump’

Even a pro-Biden Washington Post columnist is against the president’s nomination: ‘He’s too old, and he risks favoring Trump’

Joe Biden He is a president who had great credit for preventing a second term Donald Trump And not to underestimate his work as president, especially because of his facts Capitol Hill. But now it’s time for him to do it Step down. Whoever publicly questions the American President, who if re-elected will begin his second term at the age of 82, is not a political oppositionist, but David Ignatiuscolumnist Washington Post He is considered (but also admits it) one of the greatest proponents of tenant policies White House.

“I don’t think Joe Biden is the vice president Kamal Harris They should run again in 2024. It hurts me to say that given my admiration for what they did. “But if they campaign together in 2024, I think Biden risks spoiling his best outcome, which is a victory over Donald Trump.”

He explains that at the heart of his confusion is precisely the age of the occupant of the White House, in addition to his ability, at this historical moment, to stop the American flashback as it appears to this day, despite many arguments. Judicial fluctuations, the strong candidate of the Republicans. During his first campaign, the Delaware senator positioned himself as the person who would bring it back “The normal thing” After four years of the Trump administration. This happened, according to the writer. But his mission is now over, because the challenge arises again, which is to prevent the return pole In the White House. It is a challenge that, according to Ignatius Biden, he is no longer able to meet: partly because of his age, which 77% of Americans and 69% of Democrats consider excessive, and partly because that would entail shifting more attention to the position of vice president, which is Kamala Harris’ position. Who, in four years, was unable to gain consensus or visibility in the eyes of the Americans.

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Biden does not think in the same way, at least in Ignatius’s words: “Politicians who know Biden well say that if he had been convinced that Trump had truly been defeated, he would have felt that he had accomplished his political mission. He will run again if he believes he has a chance to defeat Trump and save the country from the nightmare of a vindictive presidency. Despite this, Ignatius concludes that Joe Biden’s time in the White House appears to be over.