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US Embassy and Politics: "Dissatisfied" figure, meeting with Salvini without photos

US Embassy and Politics: “Dissatisfied” figure, meeting with Salvini without photos

We, Ukraine and the states

Meanwhile, Dl is testing the government with confidence in Ukraine. The agenda of the Brothers of Italy is to try Carocio and Forza Italy

Simon Connery

Meetings with US-led leaders are over. Doubts were raised about Grillini’s position on NATO and the leader of the Army and the League, but without pictures to share on social media.

“This is paradoxical”. From parts of US diplomacy, the M5s comment on the open debate on NATO and Giuseppe Conte’s position on increasing military spending to 2 percent of GDP. Comments leaked from American sources in the capital are much softer compared to Italian politics. Almost invisible. Allegations of interference are in the corner. In fact, since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the embassy has accepted all the key leaders in charge, Thomas Smith. Last, Tuesday, Matteo Salvini. Only one person did not get the chance to film. details? No.

The US embassy in Europe is more active than ever with President Biden. But for the time being Via Veneto’s agenda, although next week’s parliamentary developments are being closely followed, there are no other official suggestions. Conte Retrieved – Complete with photo posted via embassy social profiles – Last March 10th.

The issue of increasing military defense spending is not yet central. The former premiere of the M5s was part of a series of lengthy meetings recorded at the embassy: starting with Georgia Meloni, continuing with Enrico Letta, Antonio Dazani and ending with Matteo Salvini (but without photo evidence, to be shared). In between: heads of security and foreign parliamentary commissions, but also Nicola Zingaretti, governor of Lazio and former secretary of the Democratic Party. Americans want to understand what Italian politics thinks about what is happening in practice in Europe. At the same time, US sources make it clear that Mario Tragi and Sergio Materrella are guaranteed “two lighthouses”. The quote sequence is in alphabetical order. Also, with the attitude of those who are forced to put their hands on local alchemy, always from parts of Via Veneto, observing the life of the parties, how the Lega and M5s go through different stages simultaneously. Foreign policy.

This is not an American invention: here is a link between the Atlanteans Giancarlo Giorgetti (with whom “interactions are firm”) and Fornesina owner Luigi de Mayo. They are two green-yellow ministers trying to balance some of the impulses that seem to unite Salvini and Conte. Head of M5s – Massimiliano Giannini, director of the newspaper, received a phone call yesterday expressing solidarity with Sergei Razov after the attack. Continues to insist: “We are approaching a severe recession. The budget for costly energy has not changed, and are we now striving to achieve a significant increase in military spending? The government is responsible for the country, listen to us. So: never. In fact, during the NATO summit in London in December 2019, then-Prime Minister Conte signed a pledge with other leaders to “increase investment to meet the 2 per cent limit by investing in new capabilities”. More powers for tasks and functions “.

Kirlney’s situation, which is not news, is very tense. Polls will not help, nor will the barricades of the courts where the movement is embroiled. Next week dl Ukraine senate will land in contismo bunker. The agenda of the Italian Brotherhood calls for an increase in military spending by up to 2 percent. Mining for the majority. It is no coincidence that the Cabinet of Ministers for Relations with Parliament convened at 8 pm on Monday to ask for “talks”. Otherwise the government will hope, good night. Meanwhile, the former Krillini, who formed the now hard and clean group L’Alternativa, is ready to present an agenda in the opposite sense to Meloni’s party: Stop increasing spending on weapons. In the chamber, the M5s did not vote. “We’ll see if Conte builds Pontius Pilate – says Matia Crucioli – so far we have been implementing true Grillini values. Sometimes Conte follows us, others do not. Now explain this dynamic to Americans.

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