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"Thanks from the city"

“Thanks from the city”

In one shot, the satisfaction of returning something important to the city: this is a picture of the agents of the Barry Police Headquarters with the gold of San Nicola, Retrieved this afternoon After several days of intensive research in Japizia. The evangelist, Bruce, was found with a bottle of manna and a ring from the cottage where Farid Hansooty, 48, of Tunisia, was arrested on suspicion of involvement in a shooting that took place on the night of March 21-22. Basilica of San Nicola in Barry.

A photo was posted on Mayor Antonio DeCarro’s Facebook wall expressing his delight at the redemption of the relics: “The Baris Police Headquarters have recovered the relics stolen from the San Nicola statue. Thank you all. The city for what you do every day,” the mayor commented on the social media site.

Distant father: “Always have faith in discovery”

On the news of the redemption of the gold, the Rector of the Basilica, Father Giovanni Distante, said with satisfaction: The news of the discovery of the stolen goods from the statue of St. Nicholas fills us with joy. I have always believed in the unfortunate gesture, the immediate and efficient work of the command forces. This is one of the many things our city can be proud of. Along with my partners, I thank everyone. Expressed solidarity and loving solidarity in various ways.The value of this invention, beginning with our Archbishop, the Bishops of Buglia, the faithful and all the devotees, is very symbolic to all citizens, which transcends hope in the difficult historical moment of the world. Reminds everyone of their responsibilities. , Barry should be a happy city – peace – a shining symbol of its powerful patron saint. It pays special attention to siblings. Homeless to stay. May our commitment help them live a humane and dignified life. May St. Nicholas bless us and protect us, ”concludes Father Distante.

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