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"The more they attack me with fake news, the more I fight."

“The more they attack me with fake news, the more I fight.”

“The more they attack me with fake news and insanity, the more I want to continue to fight.” Matteo Renzi, with a tweet, reveals himself after the service of the report, which mentions the meeting between the leader of the Italian Viva and 007 Marco Mancini during the crisis of the Conte government. “Tomorrow ENews will have an extra chapter on secret services starting tonight in the coming weeks. A ControCorrente book. A smile and good night friends,” Renzi tweeted.

The reporting service, signed by Giorgio Motola and Danilo Progaciandi, delivers images of the broadcast – in anticipation – defined as “mysterious meeting, full government crisis, between Matteo Renzi and 007 Marco Mancini”.

Prior to the broadcast, Renzi had already taken a stand: “Message to the unresolved: the Conte government did not fall for conspiracy, intrigue or covert meetings (autogrill …). Tracy is better than Conte simply, Italy today is more credible. That’s all, it’s called politics”.

Renzi said

“Mancini was also one of the secret service executives I had secret meetings with. I think I saw him at the motorway restaurant. If you mention the fact that I saw him at the motorway restaurant in December, yes. You like it. There are also cameras to argue that the meeting at the motorway restaurant is reserved …”, Matteo Renzi In an interview with the report last April 30, he talks about the video of the meeting with Marco Mancini. “I remember this video came from December or January because I had to meet Mancini here (in the Senate version). I forgot about it. I already heard it on the way to Florence. He joined me at the Autogir in Fiano Romano. It’s very strange that someone filmed this video.”

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What did you discuss? Appointments? “Dr. Mancini had a great relationship with President Conte. So you should talk about meetings with Conte. And I never talked about appointments for a particular day: I resigned on December 4, 2016, when I lost the referendum. Who decides who the Prime Minister is? So thereafter. I never said anything, I just asked President Conte to relinquish his role of representation. ” Renzi concludes: “I wonder who did the following video: Dr. Mancini or Nana?”.

“There is a parliamentary question about this, and when I get an answer from the Minister of Economy, I think, I believe, this is one of the many documents that have been sent and are untrue,” Renzi continued. Is said to have paid 45 thousand euros to make a statement on. “I hope such an important Roy plan does not pay anyone to lie. I pay Roy for the rest … I do not believe it. I have no doubt that your behavior is clear. In any case, I do not document. I saw.”

The fee for a conference in Abu Dhabi was about 33,000 euros, which was given to a company, not directly to the IV president, Renzi says: “Money doesn’t make a weird turn, there’s nothing weird, it’s always nice to try to imagine people having something underneath, but conferences take place When everything is transparent. Among other things, the income of politicians is public. “

“Is this money transparent? Yes. Is it monitored? Yes. It is money that is duly notified to competent authorities. Nothing strange. Politicians are required to declare the money they collect, all priorities, all significant banking transactions. It is all transparent”.

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There was a report of a dubious activity … “This is always done for politicians, and it’s good. I will do this for journalists as well. When there are transactions above ten thousand euros, a suspicious action statement is automatically triggered”.