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A building caught fire in the center of Portici due to a gas leak: injured and intoxicated


The fire broke out in three apartments in the centre Porticos: He evacuated the building and poisoned some of the residents. Two apartments in a few minutes after 9 p.m Schiano Park, Fourth Street Via Liberta, They were burned for reasons yet to be ascertained.

Violent flames from the building trapped the occupants and created panic and chaos in the area. Two people were taken awayMaresca Hospital in Torre del Greco and Mare Hospital in Naples. Evacuation was complicated as the stairwells filled with smoke. All in all they were 72 people were evicted from 26 families. Twenty six people Ambulance doctors treated them on the spot. Save yourself too Ten dogs.

City police, firefighters, state police, civil defense and the mayor’s chief of staff were immediately on the scene. Vincenzo Cuomo and Mauricio Capozzo.

Firefighters struggled to put out the fire, rescuing all the building’s residents who were trapped in their homes and screaming for help from their balconies. One of the residents rescued by firefighters An immobile woman on the top floor.

Rescue operations are ongoing and only eventually can the cause of the fire and damage be established. According to relatives of some of the residents of the building, there would have been a building Gas leak In the first apartment that burned down.

The flames of the fire in an apartment on the 4th street to the right of Via Liberta were suppressed with great difficulty by the fire department: 26 people and 10 dogs were rescued – 72 people were evacuated for 26 families.
The operations of the firefighters, supported by the municipal police teams coordinated by Commander Francesco Senti, are still ongoing to put out the fire that broke out in the apartments of a building on the fourth cross street on the right of Via Libertà. .
As the fire spread, a total of 26 civilians were rescued and required medical treatment and oxygen from the effects of smoke inhalation.
10 dogs were rescued in the rescue operation. Maurizio Capozzo, a lawyer from the mayor’s cabinet office, is on site, while the Coc (municipal operating committee) is activated remotely with all municipal managers.
At this time, the dynamics and causes of the fire are unclear.
Firefighters, supported by men and women of the city police, rescued around 26 people and 10 pets.
Currently, 26 families have been evacuated from the two buildings affected by the fire, making a total of 72 people.

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