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Until Dawn 2: A report reveals why it was never produced

Until Dawn 2: A report reveals why it was never produced

With the return of Until Dawn on PS5 and PC, many players have returned to wondering if there is a possibility of seeing a direct sequel next. But to some extent, Until Dawn 2 already exists and it's called The Quarryone of the latest games from Supermassive Games.

Obviously this is not our statement, but information shared by someone new Report on time extension. Everything has been shared now but it dates back to 2022, when an investigation was conducted into Supermassive Games' internal problems. The article was not published for various reasons unrelated to Until Dawn and only now reveals a series of interesting information shared by six employees.

In Brave, Super Mass Games Work has begun on a prototype for Until Dawn 2 for SonyBut the project was eventually banned. After that, the team found a new publisher in Google for Stadia, but this last agreement also fell through due to the platform's closure. Eventually, 2K picked up the project and released it. Obviously the game is not affiliated with Sony, it cannot be called Until Dawn 2 and it cannot contain direct links.

Words of developers

One staff member said: “The team were at The Quarry Originally the Until Dawn 2 team They were working with Sony, who paid them money to make this prototype. Then, once the prototype was finished, Supermassive turned around and said, “We'll look around to see if anyone else wants this,” which was the final nail in the coffin of any relationship with Sony. Google eventually bought it and financed it for years.”

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Another employee seemed to confirm that The Quarry was at some point leading up to Dawn 2, but offered a slightly different take on these events, suggesting that it was Sony that broke things up for The Dark Pictures' multi-platform approach: “The Quarry started out as a project… for Until Dawn, but they didn't have the license. They burned bridges with Sony by releasing Dark Pictures on multiple platforms. As far as I know, the license now belongs to someone else.”