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Unreal Engine 5 Remake Fan Made in 4 Minutes of Play

Unreal Engine 5 Remake Fan Made in 4 Minutes of Play

The many voices that would like to Remake of the reboot di Silent Hill su PS5 We haven’t found official comments yet, and in the meantime hopefully we’ll wait for an intervention from Konami here that a group of developers have shown off a fan-made rework of the title that made a school of the horror genre.

Codeless Studio – This is the name under which the enthusiastic developers of the series come together – publish a video of gameplay of more than 4 minutes in which we can like to try A remake of the first installment of the Silent Hill series.

The results obtained throughUnreal Engine 5 can really be appreciated, and it is also worth noting that the use of modern technologies has not been distorted at allgloomy and disgusting atmosphere from the original work. Mysterious fog is still there to hide the farthest buildings and keep us in the dark about what we might encounter when visiting Silent Hill, and the revolving lighting system conveys Perception even more claustrophobic Inside where we enter with only a torch in hand. The contextual shots and industrial soundtrack only enhance the familiar vibes of the horror game originally released in 1999 on PlayStation.

Unfortunately, the scene ends without showing the first action sequence, but Codeless Studio will likely have more to show in the future. What do you think of the work the developers have done? at the same time, Guillermo del Toro confirmed that he is not working on a new Silent Hill.