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Orita Berti, on top of the wave at 78: ‘I’m a miracle worker’

In the world of Italian music, between meteorites and phrases ready to disappear quickly, there are certain things that must be firmly adhered to. And one of those is exactly Orita Berti, who continues to devote himself tirelessly to his talent and passion: singing. With his voice he accompanied generation after generation, and at 78 years old he is still able to achieve real successes.

And this summer was a real success for her. With Fedez and Achille Lauro, she gave birth to “Mille”, one of the most popular songs on radio and hits on Italian beaches and beyond. Orietta, after participating in Sanremo Festival 2021And And won the hearts of the little ones.

In an interview by Corriere della Sera, Orita let herself talk about her past, from his future And above all, its present. Mel and her success They arrive quite unexpectedly, but Orita is not found unprepared, and even on her birthday, I decided not to stop To work and record a video of the song. And the payment is the recognition he received, which not all artists can boast at 78 years old:

For those who ask me if this is the year of my birth – I have announced – Answer that I am a miracle maker.

Joking words that, however, reveal all the joy Orita. And for convenience, now, we don’t talk about it. In fact, Bertie announced that she’s doing her job with her heart. It is only the passion that drives her to accept her on TV and all the possibilities of working live for her fans, which are many. On the other hand, he does not feel tired, on the contrary. Because of the health emergency, he said, the pace has slowed.

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If music is such a big part of his life, In the first place for her, there is her family. For Bertie, in fact, there is not only work. From an early age, she felt the need to get married and have a loved one by her side. Yes, a singer, but her feet on the ground made her humility and generosity two distinguishing traits.

For 50 years I have lived in the same house in Montecchio, in Emilia. I got along well with my husband Osvaldo.

Perhaps this is Orita Bertie’s secret: To be the queen of Italian music, without flaunting arrogant attitudes. On the contrary, he loves to receive affection from his audience and above all to give it. He would rather work with young people than look at them with suspicion, making his talent and experience available. In short, deserved success and unconditional love are only consequences of what he offers others.