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University, Dual Degree is Law: Now you can enroll in two courses at the same time

University, Dual Degree is Law: Now you can enroll in two courses at the same time

Judiciary and, at the same time, political science? Engineering and philosophy? Nursing Science with the Conservatory? Now it can. Double degree is the law. The Senate, with 17 votes to 178, voted against the rule allowing students to enroll in two university courses at the same university or at the same time in arts, music and dance offered by two different universities or institutions of higher learning.

Thus, nearly ninety years later, the dual degree from 1933 lasted until it was banned by state decree. Current law Instead he was born in 2020 on a parliamentary initiative Now, two years later, that’s true.

“An excellent decision that will allow our country to move forward in university education in line with the international environment”, – commented the Minister of University and Research, Maria Christina MessaTheoretically facilitates the reforms that the minister wants to undertake, especially with satisfaction in the intermediate focus classes and qualifying degrees for the professions.

Therefore, from the next academic year, one can enroll in two undergraduate, postgraduate or postgraduate courses, simultaneously at multiple universities, schools or even higher education institutions with special regulations; Or undergraduate and postgraduate degree, research doctoral degree or specialization, other than medical specialization courses; Or even for PhD or postgraduate and medical professional studies. “As a ministry we are already working to provide universities with signs that allow the first application of the law,” Mass declares.

Dual enrollment is also possible in a limited number of courses nationally. Within two months from the date of enactment of the law, which is expected to be published in the Official Gazette in a few days, the Ministry of University and Research, Gunn (National University Council) and CNSU (Student Council), will formulate a regulation, after hearing from Groove (Rector’s Conference). And while the demands may seem unbelievable, they are very high.

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Contemporary entries will also be allowed at Italian and foreign institutions and telematics universities. On the other hand, simultaneous dual admission to the same degree or the same postgraduate course at two different universities will continue to be prohibited. As well as simultaneous admission to two doctoral degrees. In any case the maximum limit number will be two: multiple entries for three, four, five courses will not be allowed.

How to handle taxes? To make dual inclusion standard for low-income earners, the law introduces the first step for those who are fully or partially exempt from tax, based on their ISEE, to receive the same exemption at the second admission. Since the exemptions cover a small portion of the population, there is not yet enough decision to facilitate dual integration. The Ministry of the University is working to expand the number of beneficiaries of the right to study and grants. Universities, in their autonomy, may take additional steps to “discount” university fees for those who decide to pursue two parallel courses or to add a second course to the first course already started. In terms of scholarships and accommodation, the law provides for the benefit of a single registration of the student’s choice.

“It simply came to our notice then Alessandro Fuccasia, Speaker of the House on the Bill – Finally, we offer more training opportunities for many boys and girls who want to make their dreams come true, increasingly gaining skills and knowledge that are far removed from each other “.” Now – he adds – I see three priorities: We need to make sure the implementation continues. Second: The right to study will require additional work and no eligible student will have to drop out of dual admission for economic reasons. Finally, Orientation: Being able to enroll in two degree programs is more of an option and universities should be more in schools, but should also provide students with experiences that will help them understand how to continue their studies.

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There will be the first verification in three years: the Ministry must submit to Parliament a report on the number of students actually enrolled in the two degrees, any discontinuations, out-of-course, job-seeking ability or ability to pursue a better study. For children who have won two diplomas.