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Bad weather with rain and snow in the evening. Status and Predictions «3B Meteo

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Weather report Italy
Weather report Italy

The first rain towards the capital. In the morning, the rain from Sardinia crossed the entire central part of the Tyrrhenian Sea and reached the coast of Lazio in the early morning. Events have begun in Lido di OstiaModerate wind blows from the south Declining in the western districts of Rome. Meanwhile, the first drops reach the western part of Pontino. Clouds are also rising in the central Tyrrhenian region, with no events yet at lunchtime.

Rain and temporary areas in Sardinia. Even with thunderstorms in the southern part of the island, the day opens with a few hours of rain and rain already affecting Sardinia. Events not present at the beginning of the day in the north of Sardinia.

The sunrise on the peninsula is quiet, but the weather is bright. With the exception of some harmless thickening in the southern peninsula and local fog in the eastern Poe valley, the weather has not yet reached the peninsular areas that open the day with good weather. However, at night the cut allowed for a more bright descent With the local frost, the tradition of the recent arrival of Arctic winds, is now exhausted. Temperatures of around 2 ° C in Novara, 3 ° C in Witterbo, 4 ° C in Florence and Polzano were reported in the vicinity of Arezzo and the flat interior of Romagna.

Situation. An obstacle advances from the western Mediterranean, driven by a low pressure pit, which moves minimally between the Balearic Islands and the Lion Gulf, absorbed into the evening by the highly organized Atlantic disturbed flow of the central and northern sinkholes. Europe. The anterior part in question has a very low path and flows over the Mediterranean and first passes through Sardinia, then into the evening in the central and southern parts. Northern Italy, on the other hand, is far north of the scope of the chaos process and will not be directly affected.

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Next hour weather. During the day it begins to subside in the south, but rain and sleet continue in Sardinia until the evening. The deterioration begins in Tyrrhenian and reaches the central regions Afternoon showers and rains in low-lying Tuscany and Lazio, spreading rapidly to Umbria, Marche, Abruzzo and Molise. It will rain and showers in most places in the evening Central-southern Tuscany, in addition to other central regions, Campania and central-northern PugliaOn the Tyrrhenian side, Umbria and Upper March with intense events, Lazio Beach will experience thundershowers inland. Snowfall at 1200/1300 m in the central and northern Apennines. At higher elevations in the south. Clouds are also rising in Sicily, with weak showers in Tropanes and Aguirre. Good weather will continue in other parts of Italy, with a significant increase in clouds in the north in the evening and some weak rain in the alpine regions. Moderate or tense winds from southeast to west in Sardinia. Maximum temperature drop in the center. Enter the section for all details Weather Italy. For evolution until Friday Click here.

The weather is coming up
The weather is coming up

To monitor rainfall, their intensity and evolution, access all available Italian radars and collect them in this special section >> Radar.

Even in high pressure conditions, at the peak of summer, thunderstorms suddenly form and surprise us, short, localized but sometimes intense: they are called. ‘Heat storms’ Also more in the afternoon and early in the evening.

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