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Justice reform, the House says yes to the first confidence vote

Justice reform, the House says yes to the first confidence vote

Justice reform, the final flow in the room. Final approval is due Tuesday, while Article 1 of the State Criminal Investigation Reform Bill has 462 votes in favor, 55 against and one confirmation of the trust placed by the government. There were 518 voters, 517 voters. Now begins the first call for a second confidence vote, which the government has adopted Article 2 of the same reform, which empowers the government delegation to amend the rules on the performance of the offender. Rules for expeditiously defining investigative, as well as restructuring justice and judicial proceedings.

During the pre-referendum vote, loud opposition in the ‘Alternative’ House of Representatives against the bill to reform the criminal investigation: AC Representatives Group C ‘showed signs that read “Punishment of the flock” and “Cordobianca for thieves”. “The compromise born in the CDM – the Francesco Forcinity – downward deal will not save anything, but it will worsen the situation. , Opposition in the congregation.

Instead, Forza Italy votes in favor: “The Troika government, born with the decisive contribution of Forza Italy, today allows the period of fair trials to restore the key principles of our legal civilization, such as abandoning legally acceptable conclusions. The trial has never been,” said Italian deputy Pietro Pitalis He declared the committee’s yes to confidence in the reform. This is the question of “a firm yes to a government in which we can be satisfied.” The reform, recalling the Italian miracle, “violates and eliminates the rules introduced by the Conte governments”, in particular “about medicine.

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“We are very disappointed to see the absence of Minister Cordobia, a lack of respect for parliament that we did not expect from the former president of the Constitutional Court. Speaking in the room, said Fdi’s deputy Ciro Mashio. Reform is a ‘vain opportunity, a legal mess, a disguised prisoner, in which a forced trial, the certainty of the sentence is undermining,’ concluded Mashio.