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United States, first in New York: Adams leads Democrats, Republicans elect Sliva

United States, first in New York: Adams leads Democrats, Republicans elect Sliva

Polls closed to identify two key candidates for mayor of New York, Democrats (starting favorites) and Republicans. The first ballots bring an advantage among the dem Eric Adams, When he was an activist and radio presenter at the Grand Old Party Curtis Sliva Sees success.

But it will take a long time to figure out how the Democrats’ primary will end. There are 13 candidates in the race, but the actual race is between four: Eric Adams, Former police officer and chairman of Brooklyn City Hall, former candidate for president Andrew Yang, Former Health Commissioner Katherine Garcia And progressive Maya Wiley, Liberal star Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez supports. The result may take several days due to the new and complex primary system, in which voters must optionally field five candidates: until one reaches the 50% limit (impossible situation) the last incoming candidate will be eliminated and the votes of his or her supporters will be redistributed to the second election, and a quorum will be reached.

However, the first screenings reward the favorites Adams, Which is leading after 8% cards 28.8% Options, followed by Garcia 23.9% and up from Wiley (At 21.3%). Divided into fourth place, for now, That Up to 11.8%. All other candidates are less than 6%. Adams has a strong lead in all City Halls except Manhattan.

In the most populous city in the United States, the stronghold of progressive Italian-American Bill de Blasio over the past 8 years, all attention has naturally been focused on democratic priorities, but Republicans should pay their respects: the choice was between ‘business owner Fernando Mateo And activist (founder of the Guardian Angels) and radio presenter Curtis Sliva. According to media predictions, Sliva has success in his pocket. He is, therefore, the challenger to the Democrats’ primary winner next November.

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Curtis Sliva runs for Republicans (afp)