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Ukraine, US and Germany warn: increase in Russian military operations

Ukraine, US and Germany warn: increase in Russian military operations

US Secretary of State visits Berlin, reaffirms his willingness to support Kiev to German Foreign Minister

Germany and the United States, through their representatives, are jointly urging Russia to take preventive measures in managing the crisis with Ukraine. At the so-called press conference a Berlin US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen reiterates: “Western partners speak with one voice regarding Russia. This unity gives us strength“We have a general assessment of Ukraine’s security,” said German Foreign Minister Annalena Barbach Blingen. Obstacles, He explains, has a common condition. “We will impose higher costs on Moscow“If he chooses the path of aggression in Ukraine, the US Secretary of State will make it clear.

Moreover, the United States had already made it clear that a new aggression against Ukraine would have its consequences. However, this time the US is the target, “said Blingen.Conversation, not aggressionAlthough Russia has so far proved that it speaks another language, Minister Barbaugh agrees.Military operations will increase“But if the diplomatic path fails, I’m already in the studio.”The most effective barriers, So they really make an impact “- clarifies the German Minister.

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