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Uber: The additional fuel cost is up, even for electricity

Uber: The additional fuel cost is up, even for electricity

The world is in turmoil because Fuel prices are at an all-time highAnd even a reality like Uber is forced to take extraordinary measures to protect its profits: A New fuel tax On the roads, as a temporary measure due to high gasoline prices.

is called “temporary fuel cost‘, for a temporary fuel cost, and should help Uber drivers a Compensate for the sudden increase in fuel prices: The announcement came from Uber itself last Friday.

“Each customer will pay an additional fee of $0.45 or $0.55 per ride with Uber, while Uber Eats customers will see additional fees of between $35 and $45 depending on their location.” said Lisa Winship, Head of Uber Driver Management for the United States and Canada.

The entire amount is passed on to the drivers themselvesThis process is expected to last at least 60 days, although Winship has happily confirmed that the company “You will continue to monitor prices fuel and is ready to make more changes.”

Fuel tax applies to all company drivers, Even those who drive an electric car: Uber hopes this decision will serve as a Incentive For many to switch to an electric car.

In the post published on its official blog, the company went into details about benefit You can have fun if you work with Uber with an electric car: first of all, higher earnings from the business plus one A $6000 clash over the purchase of a new Nissan Leaf And discounts on packages. Although these are interesting benefits, Buying an electric car today is still out of reach for manySo hopefully, the process implemented by Uber will help drivers not lose a lot of money due to the disproportionate increase in fuel that has been observed in recent weeks.

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