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Uber is building its own charging network in London

Uber is building its own charging network in London

Uber is building its own charging network in London. In collaboration with Brent, Newham and Redbridge counties, it will install 700 chargers.

uber makes its own freight networkUber builds its own charging network with 700 charging stations

Investment 5 million pounds (just under 6 million euros), the columns will be bear the Uber brand, But it is available for use by all motorists. District assistance will be key to decision-making installation location Packaging (there is also talk of burying part of it next year) and which suppliers to choose. The agreement aims to fill a gap in the availability of poles in the English capital. Establishments concentrated so far In the middle and west: More than a quarter of chargers between them Westminster, Kensington, Chelsea, Hammersmith And the Fulham. explain Color Gas AtholFrom Redbridge Council: “The goal is to expand the street charging network in Redbridge to make it easier for residents to switch to electric vehicles, helping to reduce pollution. This also involves helping Taxis and private renters From redbridge to switch to electric“.

uber makes its own freight networkAlready 5,000 electric cars in the London fleet alone

But why did the large rental company with the driver decide to invest directly in recharge? Uber explains it The strategy is related to Strong support from the City of London To speed up the electrification of cars. Already after that day 5000 electric cars They are on the Uber app in the English capital, a number expected to double by the end of the year. The very ambitious goal is to become a platform Fully electrified London by 2025. Two years ago, the company published results Investigation It was carried out in 7 European capitals that its “bosses” seemed to believe in Electricity is cheaper than diesel. The estimated average savings was 14%, The benefits associated with access to restricted traffic areas go beyond. Savings were subject to recharge condition At night alternating current. Or, if it is in direct current, at premium rates. Just like it will in the new columns.

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