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Gambit: Flood of Corrections, Chaos in the Room Before Confidence – Politics

Amidst the tensions, it was not until late in the evening that the government’s request for confidence reached the room. Voting will begin at 20:30, and the explanation of vote will begin at 19. After the vote of confidence given by the government in Montecitorio, the river session will take place. Emerging from the Montecitorio Group Leaders Conference. Thus, the session will continue without interruption until the final vote on the measure which must take place late at night.

The protest garrison of M5s in the room against the maneuver and the government that “sabotaged the confrontation”. Once the work was done after the CEO raised the question of trust, with the room closed, the movement’s deputies remained in their seats in the bloody ark, speaking one by one in front of a webcam broadcasting live choir events on social media. networks. “The situation is dangerous and indecent – wrote the leader of the M5s, Giuseppe Conte, on social media, addressing his followers – and the government does not allow comparison of the maneuver: we have decided to preside over the chapter and speak about it transparently here with all of you “.

M5S Protest (Video)

The latest clash eats into the half-billion municipal amendment that was scrapped for lack of coverage amid opposition protests. Reward for eighteen-year-olds is also discussed. The flag standard of the Renzi government and has been revised and corrected by Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano but based on it the Accounting Department requires clarification necessary to determine the fate of those born in 2004 who will receive the reward in 2023 and therefore with the current legislation. Government explanations are not enough.

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The center-left deplores the failure to respect its prerogatives and run a business that for Marco Grimaldi (Avs) is an “abomination”. Thus he resolved to abandon the work of the body, and to accept the motion of confidence in the room amidst shouts. However, the story of removing the rule on municipalities is only the latest in a series of corrections and adjustments in the race that the majority and the government are forced into for the umpteenth day. A series of setbacks that clearly affect exam times. So much so that only the most sanguine MPs have chosen, for the time being, not to postpone flights and trains for the return of Christmas.

In Montectorio, the hypothesis of voting at dawn on Saturday, after a night session, is quoted in many quarters. But there are those who do not rule out arriving at lunchtime. To complicate matters, there is also an intertwining of semester programs. If approval of the maneuver is delayed until Monday – a hypothesis for which the opposition is not hiding its support – final approval of the Delirium decree, which expires on December 30, will be almost impossible.

However, another day is consumed by the high voltage in the room. The room begins with protests from the opposition, demanding that the city’s hunting measure be abolished. That comes with a suspended chair. After the general discussion, the expected referral to the Committee for Correction of the Procedure was voted on to the municipalities, which, according to the majority, would have entered into the maneuver by mistake and was not covered. But according to the opposition, it could instead have been covered up and thus removed solely for political reasons. But when the findings of the Accounting Office, net of the Municipal Procedure, arrive in black and white, it becomes clear that the required corrections go far beyond the 44 points of the Budget Law. Including a reward for eighteen years old and smart work for the weak.

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In connection with this second point, the accounting department proposes a new formula with the coverage attached to provide alternatives to professors who have been given the agile method of work. Modifications to the rule concerning the contrast between the disadvantages arising from isolationism. And also the contract with Radio Radicale funded for only one year instead of the three that was originally envisaged. In the end, the majority managed to get the text back into the room in order to build confidence.

But the Minister of Relations with Parliament took the floor to ask for it only hours later. Based on the provisions of the Montecitorio Regulations, the call will not leave before tomorrow evening. And then it will be a nightly marathon of final voting and agendas to get to the final go-ahead on Saturday morning. Every network of new obstacles, as shown in recent days, is always possible.