Monday, July 22, 2024

Uber is looking for new ways after the pandemic


Uber is rolling out new features in its app to allow US customers to book COVID-19 vaccine appointments and book car rentals. He said it would be possible to book an appointment at Walgreens Pharmacy for a vaccine and ride an Uber to get there, he said during Evento online CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. The feature, which expands a deal between Uber and Walgreens announced in February, reflects the increasing availability of COVID-19 vaccines in the United States, as each state has opened up vaccines to all adults.

For Uber, more vaccines mean a faster return to the race than it was before the pandemic, and thus more revenue after the crash due to the health crisis. Business is already starting to improve, and March was the best month since the outbreak.

The company has also announced partnerships with Avis, Hertz and other car rental agencies. US customers can now book rental cars through the Uber app, with discounts of up to 10 percent in credit to spend on other Uber services.

Other Uber news of the year was featured at the event. Some services will also arrive in Italy; Here they are in detail:

  • ConnectingNew ordering methods will be announced in the best way for each user: scheduled orders, multiple orders simultaneously (supermarket + meals, etc.); New orders plus from another seller at no additional cost, and even orders when sellers close
  • Pick up and go. Now, along the way, with Pickup and Go, you’ll be able to see restaurants and merchants near your destination and place an order for pick-up, be it a bottle of wine, milk, or dinner.
  • Savings Center. Savings Hub will be featured on Eats which will bring together all available offers, bargains and discounts in one place. Through restaurant loyalty programs, it will also be possible to track future discounts.
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