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Triumph TR 25, the festive concept that reinterprets the 1953 TR2 “Jabbeke”.

Triumph TR 25, the festive concept that reinterprets the 1953 TR2 “Jabbeke”.

In collaboration with BMW, Makkina has created a concept that celebrates 25 years of the company, 100 years of Triumph and 70 years of the speed record established in 1953 by the famous Jabbeke.

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This year there are many events andBritish machinery company I decided to create a concept that would celebrate them by reconsidering, as seen in a modern key, the car that is the root of everything: TR2 Triumph. Indeed, in 1953 this car established the speed record for cars with a cubic capacity of less than 2 liters (reaching almost 200 km / h). It has been seventy years since this prestigious feat was accomplished TR2 Gabeki, but this year also marks the 100th anniversary of victory and the 25th anniversary of Mecca; So here is the origin Triumph TR 25. Let’s find out about the features, performance and design of this concept.

Characteristics and performance of the Triumph TR 25

The Triumph TR 25 tuned by Makkina is based on BMW i3S platform Which BMW stopped producing in 2022. Hence the concept with futuristic design and interesting performance. Let’s talk about an electric car with a stretch 4.2 kWh battery Which allows you to produce up to 184 horsepower. The Triumph TR 25’s autonomy is not announced, but it is a car that in 5.2 seconds manages to go from 0 to 100 km / h (just under two seconds than the BMW i3S) and up to 185 km / h.

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The development of the Triumph TR 25 was born, as stated by Michael Aney, Director of Makkina, out of a desire to modernize the character of the TR2 Jabbeke by intervening with innovative design, both for the interior and exterior. L’inside this car (allowing you to add it as an extra seat by removing the cover) It has a minimalist style and everything is reduced to the essentials in order to minimize distractions and give the driverExcellent driving experience.

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The minimum is also the controls and hardware for that give strong feelings. Behind the steering wheel, which remains stationary leaving adjustments to the steering wheel and pedals, is a self-centering dial that displays basic information about the vehicle and its driving. a central windowHowever, it demonstrates speed, charge levels and autonomy. The steering wheel with spokes provides access to the navigation system and the drive mode setting system.

Externally, the Triumph TR 25 shows itself to be a car that stands out Young goalkeeper And with vertical opening, vertical taillights that seem to sink into the bodywork, 21-inch rims and streamlines behind the driver. The design is essential and the bodywork includes the use of a specific color that enhances the lookThe interaction of lights and shadows, which enhances the flow of lines. Compared to the 1953 TR2, the Triumph TR 25 has a more muscular style with two headlights protruding from the bodywork.

Triumph TR 25: photos and pictures

Here are some photos that allow you to appreciate the characteristics, and especially the style, of this interesting thing Triumph TR 25 Made by Makkina.