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travel by plane?  Don’t get bored: How to download movies and series to your smartphone to watch them offline

travel by plane? Don’t get bored: How to download movies and series to your smartphone to watch them offline

Should you travel by plane or go somewhere without queues? Here’s how to download movies and TV series to your phone to watch them offline.

Although it is certainly very common nowadays, We don’t always have access to the Internet. A practical example is plane travel, which forces us to remain disconnected. This can make it very boring, especially for long trips. But it is possible to prepare in advance, and this is a good way to do it Download movies or TV series to watch while traveling.

Here’s how to download movies and TV series to watch offline –

Let’s start from the premise that not all services offer download functionality. Most notable absentees It definitely is Netflix, which still doesn’t offer options to save the series offline. However, many other popular services provide this option, allowing us to save movies and series on our phones so that we can watch them on occasions when we do not have access to our network. Let’s see who offers this possibility.

Download Movies and TV Series Offline: Here’s How

The first application that allows you to download videos is Amazon Prime app, available for iOS, Android, and Kindle. Simply download the app, log in with your Amazon account, choose what we want to download and press the Download button. Once downloaded, they will be viewable offline. Note that the application is available For mobile devices onlyso it can’t be downloaded to your laptop.

Below are the services that allow you to download movies and TV series offline –

Another option that allows downloading is That of YouTube Red, a paid YouTube option that also includes Google Play Music. To download, simply open the app from your iOS or Android device (again, no options for computers), tap the button next to the video and tap Save Offline. Once we choose the resolution, the video will be available on our devices.

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You can also choose another option It allows you to pay to rent or purchase individual videos. This especially helps those who need to use a computer, as the above options only offer support for smartphones and tablets. Apple iTunesFor example, it is compatible with both iOS, Mac, and Windows devices. In addition to music, it also allows you to rent and purchase movies or TV series. The rent is valid Up to 30 days from date of purchase (offline) and up to 24 hours from the start of viewing, with no purchase expiration. Amazon Video, VUDU, and Google Play Movies & TV They allow you to purchase and rent movies, but as mentioned earlier, these options do not offer support for laptops, unlike Windows 10 Storewhich is a good alternative to iTunes for Windows 10 users.

Finally, for those who still have movies or TV series on DVD or Blu-Ray, there is always the option to Extract it to your chosen device To watch it freely. There are many apps to do this process, but one that is freely accessible is Handbrake, which has already integrated support for file optimization for iOS and Android devices.