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Tourism: found (Airbnb), increased accommodation in regions – Sicily

Manager, the pandemic has changed life and work choices

(ANSA) – Sambuca di Sicily, Jul 03 – “With the spread of the pandemic, average length of stay increased by 15%. In the last quarter of 2021, stays of at least 4 weeks accounted for 22% of nights, versus 16% We are registered in 2019.” To illustrate this data, Giacomo Trova, Country Director of Airbnb Italy, in Sambuca di Sicilia welcomes the French family who will live in the village for a year, thanks to the Municipal-Airbnb project.

“Looking at the number of our bookings, we were able to find that travelers, and not only, are extending their stay in the regions. The pandemic has changed the world: today the message is transmitted that I can live and work elsewhere, thanks to the smart workers, and the lifestyle improvement too. This is a new tourist trend It is very interesting for us and we want to put it at the service of the regions,” Truva said.

Five years ago the agreement with the Ministry of Tourism, in 2021 the agreement with Fai: For years, Airbnb has been carefully researching Italian villages, such as Sambuca di Sicilia. On the island, this is the first investment made by the global platform, as a municipality-granted apartment has been renovated and is now available to a French family.

“There is global interest in Italy and specifically in Sicily, a land that combines natural beauty and history,” said Giacomo Trova. Sicily thrives thanks to highly seasonal tourism that is concentrated in the summer months.

The experience here at Sambuca is for us a testament to what can happen from now on; Any Sicily is open to tourism even in seasons that are not traditional for tourism. Giacomo Trovat (ANSA) concluded that remote work, which has experienced the pandemic, is paving the way for this new channel.”

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