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Crisis situation, revolution breaks out


All against the Revenue Agency and its calls to activate the negotiated settlement of the debt crisis with the Tax Agency up to 5,000 euros. Or rather, it is all against the legal obligation to submit these reports and especially against the limit set by law, which is considered too low. In both Parliament and accountants, in fact, protests arrived against what ItaliaOggi had predicted on July 1, or Hades sending letters to taxpayers with debts of up to 5,000 euros containing a call to assess their economic and financial situation and the consequences thereof. Activating the procedures for the negotiated settlement of the crisis. Senator Andrea de Bertoldi spoke of the “leading role of the Revenue Agency” which “often takes on tasks that do not belong to it, even supplanting the role of financial management in the Ministry of Finance” and this “appears to go further if it were true. That the messages would have communicated For miners against taxpayers with irregularities in VAT payments. They even advised to resort to the crisis situation. I appeal to the sense of responsibility of the directors of the Revenue Agency and the National Institute of Statistics for the reasonable implementation of the legislation.” This action is taken by the chief accountant Elbano de Nuccio (in force Since 1 January) instead of the Revenue Agency, hoping for a change: “The spirit of the law is the prevention and control of insolvency and debts 5 thousand euros does not justify such a call. This is a very low limit, especially in a period of such enormous economic difficulties. Moreover, every company already has a supervisory body that exercises compulsory supervision. We find ourselves awake from the vigil.” It is even more difficult to judge associations. According to the chairperson of the Adc Maria Pia Nucera, “Director Rovini prefers the repression of the patient to his treatment. We have long reported that in some cases the introduction of a law apart from fixing the business crisis was decoupled and separated from corporate standards, and in others, there were only false alarms, as the debt could be repaid in instalments. Without problems.” For ANC President Marco Kochel, “The problem is that with such a low threshold the majority of small and medium-sized businesses would be at risk of bankruptcy. The system is designed for large companies, but due to the Italian entrepreneurial fabric, there is a risk of The emergence of a social problem, as many businesses are likely to be ready to close.” “Reading these calls,” comments Matteo de Lis, President of UNGDCEC “As with the extension question, one might think that the government does not know the current situation of Italian taxpayers.” .

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