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Quarantine allowance, refinancing not available: No support for those who stay home and can't do smart work

Quarantine allowance, refinancing not available: No support for those who stay home and can’t do smart work

Milan – While the alternative Omicron The country rages on, leaving a long trail of infections behind, as the government shuts down its umbrella on hundreds of thousands of workers forced to stay home as a precaution. Indeed, on December 31, coverage of the so-called Quarantine Allowance, the treatment intended for those who – not ill – forced into credit isolation due to contact with infected people, ended. The law, which was refinanced by the latest tax decree until the end of 202, has not yet been renewed and risks leaving this segment of workers who cannot do their smart work exposed. In essence, the scale equates isolated people with those – patients – who receive treatment for disease that is included in INPS. The upshot is that unless the employer makes payments for non-working days, employees may have to use time off or time off to guarantee days of absence from work, or worse yet, commuting to the workplace. lose my salary.

UNIMPRISA also sounded the alarm yesterday. “For vulnerable workers, equating absence from work to hospital with proportional compensation has not been extended, just as the measure to equate workers deprived of quarantine with disease has not been extended. So, with the new rules providing for people in possession of the enhanced green corridor of more than 120 day (4 months), a commitment to quarantine for a period of at least 5 waiting days, then for a swab with negative results at the end of this period and for unvaccinated for a period of 10 days quarantine commitment, these workers will be discovered with economic damage to companies and workers who already from today will not know whether and who they will have to pay for this absence,” the association’s study center reported.

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“Although the data indicating infections from Covid 19 is constantly increasing and despite the extension of the state of emergency until March 31, 2022, someone in the government has once again forgotten the issue that a company raised this summer to Minister Orlando about equal absence from work for quarantine to illness in the private sector, and seems to be living a new nightmare, so the Minister of Labor is asked to intervene to clarify this aspect, without indulging in a chaos of no more than 4 months and then resolved by a serious delay between a few inconveniences among the economic operators No A series workers And Series B workers, there is only a damned epidemic from which all workers and businesses must be protected,” commented Unimpresa National Counsel, Giovanni the interviewer.