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Tonight Italy and the great failure: free us from the state of the tyrant

Tonight Italy and the great failure: free us from the state of the tyrant

Tonight Italy entered citizenship

Starting with the turbo, at least for an inveterate liberal like myself Italy tonightwas broadcast on Rete 4, with the debut of Nicholas Borough as a conductor. The five-star bankruptcy case, on top of which is the gap in public finances caused by An added bonus And from basic incomerepresents, above all, with the approach of a very difficult budget law, an inevitable subject to help the so-called man in the street to have an idea of ​​why the cover of public resources is so short.

On the other hand, with public debt rapidly advancing towards the €3 trillion threshold, thus increasing the risks associated with its sustainability (ie the ability to pay the related interest indefinitely), it is essential that we be very clear about what to do. Unfortunately, it happened, and it should not be repeated in particular. In practice, it is about not continuing the line that the current yellow and red opposition would like to increase in terms of the resources to be used. To put it in jest: Stop throwing tons of money down the toilet. The money has really been wasted, as it is estimated that the jobs “created” by the poverty-eliminating tool were just over 500, with a total expenditure of €31.5 billion.

But beyond that, there is an element of a purely liberal nature that fails to come into sharp relief in these debates, also because a kind of social spirit – to some a disguised collective waiting room – has long lingered and seems to have entered the sights of politicians and observers of all ages. cultural backgrounds. I am referring to some presuppositions of liberal thought itself, according to which, apart from a minimal general privilege to prevent the truly miserable from dying of starvation and hardship, to aid the economic development of the country, and thus the welfare of the citizens. , the state should focus on the task Creating a favorable ground for the free enterprise of individuals and organized groups.

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So, for example, yes to public investments to improve the infrastructure, and thus facilitate the life of productive activities, and the categorical rejection of those who believe that the state should revive the glories of, so to speak, the famous five-year plans of the state. A glorious empire that died decades ago. In particular, during the aforementioned program, despite the disastrous experience of famous navigators, whose main goal was to preserve their invented works, they reappeared from the catacombs of general bankruptcy False expectation of the country providing the training Which then guides young and old towards a future of job stability.

So, to sum it up, instead of the light state, which takes care of ensuring the best possible habitat for those who wish to do so, it remains almost like a religious dogma Leviathan State Model Believing that he looks out for our interest from cradle to grave, he must shoulder the burden of ensuring through direct measures the development of the economy and illusory social justice, obviously taxing what the left defines as social inequality. As Ferdinando Martini puts it, a kind of anti-Italian phrasing: the drawing is amazing, but perhaps difficult to execute.

Claudio Rometti, September 5, 2023

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