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“Dear G20 leaders, impose more taxes on us,” a message from the misers of the world

“Dear G20 leaders, impose more taxes on us,” a message from the misers of the world

Rome – “my dear G20 leaders, Extreme wealth accumulation by The richest individuals in the world became a economic, environmental and human rights disasters, threatens political stability in the countries of the ether signed by approx 300 millionaires, economists World-famous and political representatives of almost all G20 countries, promoted by Oxfam, National Millionaires, Institute for Policy Studies, Earth4All, Millionaires for Humanity, In Light Summit in India on September 9-10And the.

Taxation of large estates

The strong point of the text is the urgent request to come up with a number as soon as possibleA new international agreement on the taxation of large real estateMe, having doubled the number of billionaires – in the past decade – from 5.6 trillion to 11.8 trillion dollars.

Among the signatories of the letter is the heiress and philanthropist Abigail Disneyand former prime ministers of Romania, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and vice-president of the United States brendan Boyle, Former and current members of the European Parliament incl Aurora Laloc; artists like Brian Eno and Richard Curtisand former UN General Assembly President Maria Espinosa and economists such as Gabriel Zucman, Joseph Stiglitz, Thomas Piketty, Giati Ghosh, Kate Raworth, Jason Heckel, and Lucas Chancel.

Poverty is on the rise

Globally, for every dollar of tax revenue Only 4 cents come from property taxes With the current rules, half of the world’s millionaires will not be subject to any inheritance tax, and will be able to pass on a $5 trillion fortune to their heirs, tax-free, according to the data in a note. “For the first time in decades, – the signatories emphasized – Extreme poverty is on the rise Nearly two billion people live in countries where Inflation has outpaced wage growth. Moreover, the time for countries to make the investments needed to contain the temperature increase to within 1.5 degrees, as envisaged in the Paris Agreement, is fast running out. Trusted and Shared Proposals: Find the Courage to Implement It!“Much work has already been done,” the letter concludes, “there are many proposals for taxing wealth that have been put forward by some of the world’s leading economists. Public opinion is in favor of taxing the rich. we too. Now he is just missing political will To take concrete steps forward. It’s time to find him.”

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