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Tonight is an exceptional and wonderful passage of the space station: how to find it with the naked eye

Tonight is an exceptional and wonderful passage of the space station: how to find it with the naked eye

Today, November 17, 2023, the space station will perform a display with an ultra-bright transit that can be seen all over Italy with the naked eye. Here is the guide and maps

It becomes visible again Space station international (International Space Station): Tonight, November 17, 2023, the beginning From 6:11 p.m To the west the International Space Station will put on a show! There will be a wonderful crossing and To the naked eye. If you have clear skies, eyes on the sky, and punctuality, the clip will take about 6 minutes. there International Space Station It will be easy to recognize because it will be a very bright point in the sky and will not “glitter” like a star but will have a steady light. Below is a map of Rome (for example only). In the next paragraph Here’s how to download maps from your city, if they’re visible (the elevation will change but times will be roughly the same as sunrise, south, west, and sunset, north and east):

Map indicating the passage of the space station from Rome in November 17, 2023 At 6:11 p.m.

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How to download sky maps of your city?

It’s very easy to find out Where and when the International Space Station (ISS) will be visible from your city. The quickest way is to call the website The sky from above Choose your city at the top right. Once you’re done, select “ISS” from the menu and you’re done. Obviously, maps with time and date will be available for download. This site will also allow you to discover the steps From other satellites from which place. Alternatively you can download the app International Space Station Detector (Apple), International Space Station Detector (Android): Happy “hunting” everyone and clear skies! Here instead, How to discover Starlinks!

Courtesy of Heavens cover image above

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