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Tonight in Palma de Mallorca kicks off the Champions League.  Current Rachele Barbieri - OA Sport

Tonight in Palma de Mallorca kicks off the Champions League. Current Rachele Barbieri – OA Sport

The first edition was held in 2021, but unfortunately, issues with the pandemic have clearly limited matters, with only four races contested. This year it gets serious: shoot today, in Spain, photos UEFA Champions League Cycling Trackwith a deluxe start menu.


A clear division into two categories: sprint and endurance, is clear for both men and women. Eighteen runners entered each category (a total of 72 men and women runners). In the race, in addition to Speed Kirin will also play classically, with the usual qualifying rounds before reaching the final. In terms of stamina, room for scratching (slightly less compared to classic racing) and elimination.

Each runner will collect points based on their rank and a rating will be generated with all points added, up to the last stage. Obviously, the leader will wear a certain shirt.


1. 20 points;

2. 17 points;

3. 15 points;

4. 13 points;

5. 11 points;

6. 10 points;

7. 9 points;

8. 8 points;

9. 7 points;

10. 6 points;

11. 5 points;

12. 4 points;

13. 3 points;

14. 2 points;

15. 1 point;

a program

There will be five phases in the program:

First stop: Mallorca, Spain – Saturday 12 November

Second stop: Berlin, Germany – Saturday 19 November

Third stage: Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (Paris), France – Saturday 26 November

Fourth stop: London, UK – Friday 2 December

Fifth stop: London, UK – Saturday 3rd December

The Italians in the race

Above all, there are expectations for Rachel Barbieri, the real Italian women’s leader, the European champion in Monaco and also the World Cup medalist in France a few weeks ago. Also with her is Silvia Zanardi, who in Germany this summer took the gold in Madison just pairing with Barbieri. In the race, the only blue gift will be Myriam Vessy. He appointed among the men on Michele Scartisini and Matteo Doniga who would try to match the best.

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Sprint for men

Harry Lafrisen (Netherlands)

Stefan Boetcher (Germany)

Shinji Nakano (Japan)

Kevin Quintero (Colombia)

Matthew Richardson (Australia)

Mikhail Yakovlev (Israel)

Geoffrey Hoagland (Netherlands)

Mateusz Roddick (Poland)

Iso Isu (India)

Gaerjeon In Fa (Suriname)

Ryan Hilal (France)

Sergey Ponomariov (Kazakhstan)

Aziz Al Hassani Awang (Malaysia)

Joe Truman (Great Britain)

Santiago Ramirez (Colombia)

Tom Derracci (France)

Thomas Cornish (Australia)

Jay Angsuthaswaite (Thailand)

Ladies’ sprint

Leah Friedrich (Germany)

Mathilde Gros (France)

Shann Brasbenincks (Netherlands)

Kelsey Mitchell (Canada)

Martha Bayona (Colombia)

Take Marie – Devin Kwame (France)

Lauren van Rijen (Netherlands)

Pauline Grabusch (Germany)

Stevie van der Beet (Netherlands)

Hetty van de Woo (Netherlands)

Sophie Capwell (Great Britain)

Olina Starikova (Ukraine)

Daniela Gaxiola Gonzalez (Mexico)

Ursula Zusch (Poland)

Christina Cloonan (Australia)

Helena Casas Ruigi (Spain)

Emma Finucane (Great Britain)

Myriam Weiss (Italy)

Male endurance

Gavin Hoover (USA)

Sebastian Mora (Spain)

Moritz Malshark (Germany)

Roy Effing (Netherlands)

Michele Scartisini (Italy)

Matisse Buchli (Netherlands)

Dylan Bebeck (Canada)

Filip Prokopisin (Poland)

Oliver Wood (Great Britain)

Rotem Teni (Israel)

Eric Martorell Haga (Spain)

Claudio Imhof (Switzerland)

Will Perrett (Great Britain)

Grant Koontz (USA)

Gustav Johansson (Sweden)

Mark Stewart (Great Britain)

Matteo Doniga (Italy)

Matthias Guillemet (Canada)

Female endurance

Katie Archibald (Great Britain)

Laura Kenny (Great Britain)

Rachel Barbieri (Italy)

Emma Cumming (New Zealand)

Tsuyaka Ushino (Japan)

Anita Steenberg (Norway)

Jennifer Valenti (USA)

Silvia Zanardi (Italy)

Leah-Lynn Teutenberg (Germany)

Michaela Drummond (New Zealand)

Lily Williams (USA)

Sophie Lewis (Great Britain)

Maggie Coles Leicester (Canada)

Sarah Van Damme (Canada)

Emily Kay (Ireland)

Chloe Moran (Australia)

Tania Calvo Barbero (Spain)

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Michel Andres (Switzerland)

Photo: La Presse