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Elmas a Sky: "Il gruppo di prima era buonissimo, ma difficile. Non so spiegarlo..."

“The first set was very good, but difficult. I don’t know how to explain it…”

Napoli striker Eljif Elmas spoke to SKY after their 3-2 match against Udinese.

Napoli striker, carrion diamondspeak into microphones sky After winning the match 3-2 against Udinese. “We had an excellent game at the beginning. We scored two goals right away, then the third, in the last minutes we were a little afraid. We put the character and brought back these three very important points.”

In the last few weeks I answered after the confrontation with Spalletti … “Naturally, all players have problems. I always tried to put in a good performance, in training, I did not try to cause controversy on social media. I always believed in myself, I trained well, I waited until the moment to be a starting player.”

Now there’s a long pause and she won’t hurt you. “I confirm that those who go to the national team play there as well. We all play, in my opinion the break is good, and when we come back we will try to collect everything we have.”

How can this team go all the way? What is the difference with last year? “We already know that there were all the champions, there were very strong players. The previous group was very good, but it was tough, I don’t know how to say it. Now we are united, we are a family, we try to do well, those who play are always playing. Same situation. There are no differences, but maybe there are more characters in the youth. Even with the other group…there were heroes, we can’t forget that.”

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In the city of Naples, it is forbidden to talk about the scudetto. Does anyone say it in the locker room? “No, not yet. We have to do well on the pitch, what the coach tells us