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This plant protein will slow down aging: this is a huge scientific discovery

This plant protein will slow down aging: this is a huge scientific discovery

According to researchers, this could represent a real turning point in effectively slowing down aging

Researchers at the University of California, Riverside conducted a study that yielded many positive results in terms of scientific progress.

In fact, scientists have discovered the role of plant protein found within the Golgi apparatus of plants. It's about a Important discovery Which could achieve countless advances in the study of slowing down cell aging and treating certain diseases. Here's what it's all about.

Protein that slows down aging

Researchers have It deepened current knowledge about the Golgi apparatus, An organelle that performs an important function in the complex cells of plants and animals. This, in fact, is able to process proteins and fats and also plays a role in the cell aging process. This is a protein called COG It has been shown to play a very important role in the survival of cells exposed to stress. It has already been shown in some previous studies that malfunctions in the human COG complex affect vital processes. But scientists went deeper than that in their latest study.

This protein can slow down aging –

The research team is led by Hisung ChoiIn coordination with the co-author of the study, Katie drunkThey explored the internal functioning of cells of the plant Arabidopsis thaliana, or “cress.” Scientists have actually observed the response of plants that were exposed to Environmental stress, such as poor lighting or infections. In this way they were able to see that the COG protein had an essential role Increasing the chances of plant cell survivaland significantly improve its resistance.

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The research results showed that the COG protein provided a completely different response when exposed to stress, compared to plants under normal conditions. For example, when the plant is exposed to a lack of light, show it Signs of aging are much faster. This is a result that demonstrated the importance of COG's role in stress management and cellular life. The research expands knowledge about the internal mechanisms of plants and raises the horizons of what is possible Anti-aging pathways for humans. Greater knowledge about the functioning of this protein could actually provide new resources for human biomedical research. In fact, the research group plans to conduct more research on this topic and increase its knowledge on the topic.