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This accessory in the car will get a big fine: take it off immediately | Not approved


Each vehicle, in order to turn, must comply with certain standards. This means that some items must necessarily be present in the car, or motorcycle, a very high penalty. The same goes for it, however, on the contrary: some items can absolutely not stay in the car, under pain of higher fines. It is good to know these rules.

Every vehicle is equipped upon its exit from the workshop with all the necessary items to be able to rotate freely. Or, at least, we hope so. However, damage, loss or modification of some parts may occur. It is necessary to know in which cases it is a good idea to avoid trading, except to risk very high fines.

Car safety is important: One of the most comfortable tools, whether traveling by car or scooter, is the rearview mirror. It allows you to control what is happening behind the well and is especially necessary when overtaking and parking. For this reason, their presence is always regulated and that they are in good shape.

In fact, the absent mirror can cause many problems, preventing you from performing some maneuvers safely. shattered mirror, however, can cause a misunderstanding of reality, It often causes more or less serious accidents

The same applies to two-wheeled motorized vehicles, which must also be equipped with rearview mirrors if they want to move freely. Specifically, they should have two if the car is capable of exceeding 100 km/h, and at least one if it does not reach that speed.

The fines are very high

In case you come across a police check without a mirror, or with a damaged or uncertified mirror, You risk a fine of between 87 and 344 euros, depending on the condition of the same. Obviously, the evaluation is different if the mirror is absent or damaged.”

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Even worse is the case in which agents found a violation of Article 78 of the Highway Code, “Changes in the building characteristics of circulating vehicles and updating of the registration certificate”. In this case, there is a risk of withdrawing the registration certificate, as well as a fine of 430 to 1731 euros.

These are all pretty severe penalties, so it’s a good idea to check that your mirror is there, aligned, and in good condition. Unfortunately, ingredients like this are often underestimated, and the risk is that you end up with a very high fine to handle.


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