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2023 at risk for stocks


There is also a crisis ahead regarding Italy’s gas stocks. Even if consumption shrinks by 7%, only the average gas stock target for winter 2022/23 will be reached. Summer months stock at risk. Let’s investigate the situation together.

It is well known that Italy is one of the countries most in crisis because of Gas shortage and frictions with Russia. Having managed, at least in part, to avoid the shortage of gas for the winter months, and now the summer months of 2023 are analyzed. If, as expected, consumption is reduced by 7%, thenWinter will be fineBut can we say otherwise about summer?

Let’s explore it together in the next article.

Gas: What are the dangers of summer?

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Let’s see right away What are the main risks to Italy in terms of gas consumption. The crisis affects everyone, and Italy and Germany are considered the two countries most in crisis due to their heavy dependence on Russia. For the winter, it appears that stocks will be sufficient thanks to a consumption contraction of 7%, but it is not certain whether it can be said otherwise in the summer.

The best case scenario, as mentioned earlier, would be one 15% decrease in demandhoped in July by the European Commission and scheduled in September by the Italian government, which will allow 80% filling for storage August 2023.

Gas: Can demand be reduced by 15%?

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The goal is to arrive in August 2023 with Storage at 80%, but to do so, consumption must be reduced even more than expected. 7% is the current share, but 15% must be reached, i.e. doubling the reduction in consumption.

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It can be done, but you need some clear government strategies The policies are well directed in the direction of energy saving. We will see if this is possible or if exceptional measures will have to be used.


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