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They were mocked and beaten on the train

They were mocked and beaten on the train

More than a year after he left… Celebrity hair stylistWhich thanks to him becameHall of Wonders“The real hairdressing guru comes across a new homophobic episode, which is also particularly aggressive. Federico Loreyalso known as Federico Fashion Style, cannot find peace, first with the controversy over his show and original style, and now with his sexuality. The new drama took place on the trainAs he explained himself.

Federico Fashion Style Assault and Battery: The Trip to the Hospital

Federico narrates it almost in tears from the hospital room. In fact, the hairdresser decided not to ignore what happened and reported the attack on social media. The day, according to his stories, seemed to flow naturally: Federico was busy changing the appearance of Al Bano's daughter Loredana Lesiso: Jasmine Carisi, when the story alerts fans. The hairdresser, looking shaken and exhausted, almost tearfully explains what happened: “It's a shame that all of this is still happening in 2024! Slapping and punching in the face on the train In front of everyone's eyes. He is Insult, defamation and attack due to sexual orientation It's a shame. Thanks so much for the messages now I will do all the tests and tell you. But please, Stop calling people bastards. Homosexuality is not a disease“. Therefore the situation has reached such dramatic shades, that it also requires… A trip to the hospital. It is not yet clear whether the attacker has been identified and handed over to the police, and we will likely know more details in the coming days.

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Previous acts of bullying and vandalism against Federico

The fact that the hairdresser did Coming out in January last year This does not mean that the man has never been subjected to verbal or physical assault, on the contrary. Several times, even before his homosexuality was revealed, he had to deal with the result of a sick and aggressive society, attacking anyone it saw as different. In fact, as a young man, he was frequently bullied For his appearance or behavior, especially by those who assumed he was gay. Meanwhile, there has been no shortage of recent incidents of vandalism, He broke his car's windows in 2020. In 2021 he also announced: “When I was a kid and we went to parties, my friends showed up in tracksuits, and even then I wore jackets with rhinestones, for me it was normal because I looked good that way. Now I've learned not to listen to people at the bar who tell me, “Look at that fag.” “I don't feel that way at all.”