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“They want to destabilize us with immigrants”-

“They want to destabilize us with immigrants”-

A new, fiercer attack on Germany begins from the League. Deputy Secretary Andrea Crippa Uses very strong words towards a friendly country. “They are trying to destabilize the government by funding NGOs Fill us with illegal immigrants and topple the center-right consensus in ItalyTO”. says the ad Eighty years ago the German government decided to occupy the states with an army, but it went badly. Now they are funding invasions of illegal immigrants to destabilize governments that social democrats don’t like.TO”. It is “clear” that the German government “does not want a centre-right regime in Italy”, and that they are “doing everything to embarrass the Italian government in the hope of bringing it down”.

Crippa, in the last two weeks, usually does not want to publish In declarations and interviews, he intervened several times with criticisms of the policy of the European Union, but also without ignoring the braids of the Italian administration (he had the opportunity to underline that the “diplomatic path has failed”). He explained the reason to the online newspaper. «SOf course in Germany they don’t want Salvini or Meloni in government and prefer a technical government, Monti or Draghi. Or who, or the left, Schlein or others. From the way the German government is behaving, it is quite clear that the centre-right does not want to rule Italy, questioning European structures and balances. In Berlin they are doing everything they can to embarrass the Italian government in the hope of bringing it down. But they will fail as they failed eighty years ago.”.

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Yesterday, the secretary of the Northern Province Association, Matteo Salvini, had presented the criticisms As in Germany, on the funding of NGOs: “Foreign countries to fund foreign private associations to bring illegal immigrants to Italy is a disgrace, an outrage and an act of hostility. Italy also sponsored associations in France and Germany. Or who knows where to facilitate abuse. I believe the German government must stop funding those who participate in the unacceptable flow of irregular migrants into our country.”