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School, unions mobilize from Monday: We are heading towards strike

School, unions mobilize from Monday: We are heading towards strike

Cgil, Cisl, Uil, Snals and Gilda have decided to mobilize the school world from Monday to examine the evolution of the mandate change process with initiatives and meetings and to assess the level of insurgency with the strike. This was announced by CISL School Secretary Ivana Barbazi, who spoke of “the decree exposing Herod’s syndrome.

According to Anif, the decree issued in the Gazette was “even a disgraceful speech compared to the preliminary draft. Coming only from 2027 is not a coincidence.

The unions are counting the cuts in the number of employees: 1,600 jobs by 2026/27, 2,000 jobs by 2027/28, 2,000 jobs by 2028/29, 2,000 jobs by 2029/30 and 2,000 jobs.
2030/31, further reductions in terms of pensions can be expected. Undersecretary of Education Rosano Sasso (LEGA) recommends a dual channel route (unions prefer). “For me, for recruitment purposes, the main path is the two-way, which was identified during the time of the Ministry of Education under the leadership of President Matterella. There are tens of thousands of dangerous teachers who have worked for more than 36 months, and we look forward to recruiting them and then recruiting them with different options from the competitive ones.

Ministers of Education Pianchi and Economy Franco noted that the sources of incentive funding were “in line with the PNrr. The two ministers reaffirmed the government’s commitment and understands that economies are derived from consequences. Birth rates will be reinvested in the education sector.