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They sent him home from the hospital.

They sent him home from the hospital.

Hope for a miracle Michelle Merlow. Updates regarding the health conditions of the 28-year-old Venetian singer-songwriter known for his participation in Amici di in 2017 are not at all positive. Maria de FilippiHe has been admitted to the Maggiore Hospital in Bologna since last Thursday due to a cerebral hemorrhage caused by fulminant leukemia. These are difficult hours for the Merlo family, as the doctors alerted the songwriter to the deteriorating condition of the songwriter, and also had emergency intervention: the situation was getting worse by the hour, his father Domenico reported. Which hints in his statements to the state of medical malpractice, denouncing the negligence of the doctors who visited his son for the first time when he went to the hospital last Wednesday due to his illness.

Michelle Merlot, From ‘No’ to X Factor to Success of ‘Amici’ Studies in England and Lp ‘Stupid Hearts’

He’s against them pointing his finger, declaring: “Michel has been feeling ill for days and on Wednesday went to the emergency room of another hospital in the Bologna region, which, perhaps mistaking the symptoms described as a trivial viral form, sent him home. Even during the required intervention in the emergency room, Thursday evening, it seems that the seriousness of the situation was not immediately clear at that time.” In the past few hours on social media, some non-hardcore conspiracy theorists have linked the singer’s leukemia to the alleged commitment to try a vaccine against Covid-19, starting with a satirical video that Merlo himself shared on social media in the past days in which the singer mocked And the songwriter of the same conspirators: “We would like to categorically deny what some unfamiliar people write on social media: Michel was in no way vaccinated against Covid. Michel developed acute fulminant leukemia with subsequent cerebral hemorrhage.”

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Michelle Merlo How is the Amici singer suffering from hemorrhage. Last post: My throat and head are exploding with evil.

alarm clock – To alert the fans of the 28-year-old singer-songwriter, who after his participation in Amici changed his name to Cinemaboy and signed a contract with independent company Maciste Dischi, before returning to record under his real name in 2019 with the album Cuori stupidi, the long silence that followed his last post He posted it on Instagram five days ago, a photo of a sunset and a few words: “I love sunsets but my throat and head are exploding with evil. treatments? So the news of Michel Merlot’s hospitalization, whose conditions seemed grave from the start: on the night between Thursday and Friday, the singer-songwriter underwent emergency surgery to limit the damage to the brain haemorrhage caused by sudden leukemia. Solidarity, messages of encouragement and prayers for Michelle’s colleagues Merlo and her friends and fans on social media Many leave comments directly under this latest Instagram post: “Go free soul,” Federico Rossi wrote about the duo Benji & Fede.

Michelle Merlot Is Serious About Her Faulty Leukemia, From Emma Maron and Ermal Mita: ‘Don’t Give Up!’

Michael Merlot, Mike Bird of Amici during resuscitation for fulminant leukemia. Sending: “Come on, Mike, we’re with you.”

“Forza Mike”, Thomas Bocchimpagne, who was his Amici teammate in 2017. Emma Maroney, who was his coach on the talent show hosted by Maria de Filippi, which Merlo participated in after being on the X Factor, encouraged him on Twitter: “Come on buddy no You give up. I love you.” Ermal Mita wrote: “Come to Michel.” “We continue to send out positive energy,” said dancer Oliviero Pevolco, his close friend.

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Among the many heroes friends Who gather around Michele are Albanian dancer Clyde Kadio, one of the most famous exes on the show, and Ricardo Ricci Marcuso, who was Merlo’s “rival” in the 2017 edition: “I have no words for what happens to Mike. I feel anguish and helpless. . I am with you “.

Simone Frazzetta, dancer and former student of Amici, posted some stories on his Instagram profile confirming, unfortunately, the lack of improvements. Simon Frazetta’s words: “You are really many, as soon as the news arrives, I will update you … but unfortunately this is not good! Let’s try to be close to him and his family.”