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"That's the problem Orwell posed as well."  Fanfani's prophetic words in 1986 become a reality today - Lo Squillo

“That’s the problem Orwell posed as well.” Fanfani’s prophetic words in 1986 become a reality today – Lo Squillo

In an interview with Gianni Minoli that aired on the episode of Mixer on April 27, 1986, among other things, Amintore Fanfani spoke about the consequences of the Third Industrial Revolution.

The clarity, farsightedness and timeliness of his considerations are impressive.

As well as with regard to the risks associated with the digitization and computerization of various aspects of human life.

– In our democracies, for example, Western parliamentarians, will the freedom of the individual grow or will power be increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few?

“The problem Orwell also put forward, in the 1984 novel, is that there is a danger that the freedom of the individual will be affronted. Although the structures of innovations, especially information technology, by increasing the information of the individual, and improving his consciousness, enable him to be a sincere aspirant to freedom. And a fighter to get it.”

– So more direct democracy?

“Bigger sharing. Hence, however, a necessity. Politicians—convinced that the road to freedom is the chief path of life, man, and politics—take all appropriate precautions to prevent the arrival of a tyrant. Which, to refute Nene, would not need a control room. A button would be enough.”

Household pressure to digitize many processes (communication, work, payments, voting, socialization, entertainment) has a very specific purpose: to be able to turn off anyone who does not conform to the model of society we want with one click impose, from time to time, alternate government.

As evidenced by the case of Canada, where Trudeau, a progressive liberal, requested full powers and decided to freeze the accounts of protesting citizens.

It also shows Italy, the country in which it is not possible to work and participate in the social life of the country without a government permit.