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Rudy Zerbi was fired, and Maria called: “Like hell…” |  Who would have expected this from her?

Rudy Zerbi was fired, and Maria called: “Like hell…” | Who would have expected this from her?

Rudy Zerbi –

No one expected things to go this way between Rudi Zerbe and Maria De Filippi. I acted that way with Rudy when he got fired.

Rudy Zerbe He is the singing teacher of “Amici” and a man who the world of entertainment and especially music knows well, due to the important presence he has had in this world over the years.

In fact, his career is not limited to television. Rudy Zerbe is actually also a radio speaker and record producer, since he worked for a long time at Sony Records.

His experience at the record company is linked to Maria De Filippi, the queen of television and the woman with whom he collaborated for years and not only in “Amici”. In fact, they have also worked together in other shows, such as Tu si que vales and Italy’s got Talent.

It seems like a behavior Maria De Filippi Rudy Zerbi’s career was marked by a series of events. No one would have thought that things had actually happened between the two of them in exactly this way.

Maria De Filippi and Rudy, friends and collaborators for years

Rudi Zerbe and Maria De Filippi have been friends for many years, as well as collaborators. However, no one thought that Rudy Zerbi started working with her on “Amici” specifically Invited to work on the program by her.

However, it seems that things went exactly that way. This all happened after Rudy was fired from Sony.

Maria De Filippi's favorite dish
Maria De Filippi TV –

A life changed with a phone call

According to what was reported by the “Isa e Chia” website, Rudy Zerbe, after being fired from Sony, called Maria De Filippi to tell her that he would no longer remain at “Amici” as head of Sony.

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I always had a good time working with you, I love what you do in music and everything, like hell we don’t see each other anymore, come work with me“. And so Rudy Zerbi became a professor at Amici. And through a simple call with Maria De Filippi, he got a new job, thanks to the respect she had for him. And thanks to her, his life changed.