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Michelle Merlot is in a medical coma. Father: “Hope for his recovery has really dwindled.”


Michel Merlot – Friends

status Michelle Merlow. The contender for the 16th edition of friends, is currently located in Induced comaafter a cerebral hemorrhage, Caused by fulminant leukemiawho hit him. His health is actually hanging by a thread and hopes for a recovery are dwindling.

It is very dangerous. Now he is in a medicinal coma, but hopes for his recovery are very slim

In fact, Merlot’s father commented on Tg Bassano’s microphones. Then a memo posted by family members gave more details about the 28-year-old’s health, which worsened when he was at his girlfriend’s house:

Unfortunately, the doctors told us that Michelle’s condition was getting worse every hour. Michelle has been sick for days and on Wednesday he went to the emergency room Another hospital in the Bologna region, which may mistake the described symptoms for a different normal viral form I sent her home. Even during the required intervention in the emergency room Thursday night, it appears that the severity of the situation was not immediately clear.“.

Moreover, Michel’s parents categorically denied the existence of a connection between fulminant leukemia and the alleged Covid vaccine, as some rumors stated:

A few months ago he had Covid, but he was cured without any consequences. Now we can’t think of anything, let alone the worst. Nothing makes sense. How could a healthy boy, who has always lived an ideal life far from any form of excess, suddenly fall to the ground in convulsions? We really want to categorically deny what some uninformed people write on social media: Michelle has never been vaccinated against Covid“.

In the meantime, support has also arrived in the past few hours from the official Amici page and from whatever, coach of the white team in the evening, where Michel participated in the introduction of the name Mike Bird. Singer called Merlot not to give up:

“Come on, my friend! Don’t give up! I love you, Michelle”

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