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A revolution in photovoltaics: the arrival of panels that work even in the dark

A revolution in photovoltaics: the arrival of panels that work even in the dark

Scientists are implementing a revolution in the field of photovoltaics: they will now be able to produce electricity even in the dark.

Renewable energies are undoubtedly the future. In the face of climate change, they seem to be the solution, and their use is increasing year after year. Among all the so-called “renewable” energies, solar energy is necessarily at the forefront. Like hydraulic or even wind energy, it is an inexhaustible source of energy (the sun), so the production of panels to capture solar energy is an ever-growing sector.

A revolution in photovoltaic energy –

It’s been several years now Photovoltaic panels have entered our lives Daily. We see them almost everywhere, on rooftops, in bus shelters, on portable batteries, and even on the International Space Station. But like everything, solar panels have their limits: darkness. This aspect is what attracted the interest of researchers From the University of California.

The latter explained In the ACS Journal of Photonics How did they manage sfBurp darkness to generate energy. They were able to develop a technology they called “Solar panelLet’s find out how it works.

A revolution in photovoltaics: panels that produce energy in the dark

Solar panels work differently than traditional solar panels. The concept of solar panels is based on Captures sunlight To convert it into thermal or electrical energy. In a sense, these panels capture the sun’s energy on Earth.

A revolution in photovoltaics: what a discovery
Exploiting darkness to generate energy –

In the reverse process, i Solar panels capture energy as it travels from Earth to space. It is cooler in the dark, but the absence of heat does not mean the absence of energy. Cold is somewhat another form of energy emanating from the Earth’s surface. And therefore he lost.

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Technology developed by scientists at the University of California allows catsThis is the heat that seeps from the ground To convert it into energy.

To produce electricity after sunset, we are considering an alternative photovoltaic concept that uses the Earth as a heat source and the night sky as a heat sink, resulting in a “night photovoltaic cell.” Using thermal radiant photovoltaics and concepts from the cutting-edge field of radiative cooling. Scientists explained.

If anything this type of technology could actually represent an interesting solution for generation green energyHowever, it is still somewhat limited. In fact, the amount of energy such a system can produce is a lot Less than traditional solar panels.

It’s only 25%, but it’s already green and “free” energy that can still constitute real energy Energy source If the deck is large enough. It remains to be seen whether this technology does that It will develop outside laboratories.