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"There's a pity, only a few seconds left. About goals..."

“There’s a pity, only a few seconds left. About goals…”

Rome – Lazio Co against Napoli, a goal in restoring Fabian Ruiz condemns the Biancoceleste. It ends 1-2 in the Olympique. Maurizio Sarri He commented on Dozen Microphones: “Good game, in the first half we only played, and we are sorry we finished 0-0. We got it back, and then recent naivety cost us the match. We went to three games on the wing and had a poor performance behind us. A few months ago it was an unplayable match for us, now it is not. It happened with Porto after the 2-1 goal, but not much happened. It happened tonight when we risked like the middle of Luis Alberto. It was a calculated risk while we were down, but great naivety would kill a player on the flank. There were 50 seconds left, there is a great regret.”

Valid for Lazio and Napoli

“Suffered dribbling? It happens in every part of the field. A little bit about the characteristics because we are always looking for the ball and a little bit about the characteristics of my players.and expectations? The goal is to do your best and keep growing in the game. Perhaps even reading the situations and achieving more results, the loss this evening was not there. ”

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Napoli in Fabian Ruiz’s mark: beat Lazio 2-1

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