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There is no summer in San Martino this year, it will be a rainy month, let’s see why

There is no summer in San Martino this year, it will be a rainy month, let’s see why

Indian summer

No St. Maarten summer this year! We are preparing for November with heavy rains falling in almost all of Italy: as we announced a few weeks ago, the “Atlantic Gate” has been opened allowing a series of disturbances to pass through.

Popular proverb The summer of San Martino lasts three days and a little.” Remember a short-term period that generally falls in the first half of November. Legend says thatNovember 11 Saint Martin of Tours met a poor man, naked and cold, while riding a horse near Amiens, France. The cold was extreme, and the saint did not hesitate to cut his cloak into two parts to shelter the traveler. The gesture was so much appreciated that as soon as he gave half of his cloak to the poor man, a warm sun appeared.

However, this year November will start with A barrage of disturbances coming from the North AtlanticEven strong at times: in short, it promises to be a gray and autumnal month from the beginning; And be careful, at least until midnight, the weather and climate context can remain somewhat erratic and repetitive Rain Temperatures drop in the center and the north.
Unlike the San Martino summer, what to expect is a A period of above average rainfall In all our regions, this has not happened for a while.
a Factor We must take into account the temperature of our seas, which remain warm during this period, which can play an essential role in the formation of Force storm cells.

High pressure at altitude coincides with the San Martino summer
The beginning of November is expected to be an eventful one for Italy as it will deal with a series of turbulent fronts. All that remains is to follow the development of time and all the news that we will keep you informed of.

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