Sunday, July 21, 2024

The weather is still unstable until Saturday 22nd, yellow warning. Important areas


VENICE – The Decentralized Operations Center of the Civil Protection of the Veneto Region has issued an announcement announcing unstable conditions starting…

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VENICE – The Decentralized Operations Center of the Civil Defense of the Veneto Region has issued an announcement announcing conditions of instability from the afternoon/evening. Today, Thursday, July 20, Especially in the hilly and foothills, plains and especially in the evening and south-west regions are less likely but not completely excluded. Tomorrow, Friday, July 21 and into the evening of Saturday, July 22, weather conditions are forecast to remain unsettled at times with possible scattered and intermittent showers and thunderstorms. Local extreme events are possible (heavy rain, local hail and strong winds).

Alto Piave (BL), Piave Pedemontano (BL-TV), Alto Brenta-Bacchiglione (BL-TV), ATVRTV (Ledige-Alpone-Alpone-Alpone-VR-Alpone), from midnight today, July 20, 2023 to 6:00 p.m. Saturday, July 22, establishing a state of alert (yellow alert) and a hydrological review is expected. VR), Po, Fissero-Tartaro-CanalBianco and Basso Adige (RO-VR), Basso Brenta – Bacchiglione (PD-VI-VR-VE-TV), Basso Piave – Sile and lagoon drainage basin (VE-TV-PD), Livenza – Lemene (VE-TV)

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