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Messina councilor denies bribe: musician under house arrest

Messina councilor denies bribe: musician under house arrest

It is a crime to incite corruption. With this charge, Corbinieri of the Palermo Intelligence Division arrested a 36-year-old musician from Palermo, Mariana Musoto, or Marianne Lee. Work has begun to place him under house arrest. The regulation was issued by a trial judge in a Palermo court at the request of the state prosecutor’s office, based on investigative findings made during a preliminary investigation by the military. Girl “.

In particular, the woman, in April 2021, “sent a message via telegram application to an official of the Sicilian region’s Department of Tourism, Sports and Recreation, on behalf of an unidentified third party with whom he had provided an art to perform a tour of the most important archeological parks in Sicily. 50 thousand euros for the approval of the project (approximately 500 thousand euros in total value).

According to Mariana Musoto’s accusation, the regional councilor, along with her staff, condemned the corruption efforts of the investigating agencies. According to lawyers, the woman would have offered a bribe of 50,000 euros to “fund the party” or “put them in your pocket”. To reveal everything, the head of the private secretariat, Raul Russo, denied the bribe with Commissioner Manleo Messina. “For us, reporting is normal, and then when the pressures are so clear, it is impossible not to report,” said Raul Rousseau, head of the council’s private secretariat, commenting on the corruption attempt. The trial was coordinated by Deputy Attorney Sergio Demandis.

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