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The towed car scam, here's how it works

The towed car scam, here's how it works

Be very careful when purchasing Used cars Because you may be exposed to a “low mileage” car scam. These are cars that are sold at higher prices than their true value because they do not have the indicated mileage but may have much more. This is a big problem for consumers who fall victim to scams. In this regard, the Automobilista portal, or the Ministry of Infrastructure website, provided some information CorrectionsHere's what it is and how not to fall for the scam.


The Automobilista portal allows you to view the kilometers traveled by a used car. Until recently there was different Car scam Which was more kilometers than announced. In fact, those who wanted to deceive consumers could exploit a “glitch” in the portal that allowed a vehicle’s mileage to be calculated by looking at the last license plate used. The bad guys have replaced the license plate of the car to be sold, initiated the mandatory periodic inspection, and the real mileage is no longer indicated on the site. The website did not display previous MOTs and mileage. The concerned party who viewed the data online did not have access to the real information, and so on He paid much more for the car than its actual value.

the changes

In order not to fall for the scam and thus not access the portal, it was necessary to contact the Public Vehicle Registrar (Pra) by paying for the certificate and undergoing a longer procedure. This issue has been raised several times, so the Ministry has implemented some of them the changes To solve it. Today the history of the car also consists of consideration Frame number Which is linked to all license plates on the car. Thus, cunning people will not be able to change the dish and defraud consumers. An example of this is the case he reported News abstraction The car covered more kilometers in the 2020 inspection than it did in 2023.

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Buy and sell used goods

Diego Brambilla, national representative of the Vedder Espitore Union, said regarding this issue four wheels: “It took seven years. A good step forward towards transparency regarding used sales reviewsBrambilla then commented:In fact, in the first available system, inspection mileage replaced the previous system: fraudsters conducted inspections long before the deadline. Ironically, a site that was in theory for the benefit of consumers has been transformed into a tool for the benefit of the “skill” in renewable second-hand goods“.