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The success of social car rental in France.  Stop early

The success of social car rental in France. Stop early

The social rental program in France has achieved great success, to the point that… The government was forced to suspend it early Due to excess demand. In fact, requests exceeded the availability of funds that had been allocated. We remind you that the social leasing tool allowed those with an income of less than 15,400 euros to rent an electric car for at least 3 years, all with subsidized fees ranging from 100-150 euros per month.

The program was initially open to those who travel more than 8,000 kilometers per year or live more than 15 kilometers from their workplace. For its part, the government made a contribution of 13,000 thousand euros.

Therefore, the initiative achieved great success, but only that 50,000 applications accepted, much higher than the 20-25,000 initially expected. However, a much larger number of questions were collected. In January, their number exceeded 90,000.

For the French government, this success cost about 650 million euros, a figure that will be deducted from the 1.5 billion euros environmental bonuses and electric car incentives fund.

However, social renting is destined to make a comeback, precisely thanks to the great success it has achieved. The government, in fact, Intended to restore this tool At the end of 2024 for 2025. We will have to understand whether circumstances will change and above all whether the French government will decide to allocate more funds to allow more people to be able to exploit them.

Given the success achieved, this tool that allows us to encourage access to electric mobility can also be used as an example by other governments.

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