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2022 pensions not affected by Draghi's reform, what are they?

2022 pensions not affected by Draghi’s reform, what are they?

Between the quota 102 and the extended women’s option, there is also Contributory pension for 2022 that remains unchanged and confirmed. That is, the measures that were not affected by the pension reform introduced by the Italian government led by Prime Minister Mario Draghi. So let’s see what they are. And also what are the requirements for each of the chronological age. both of them Seniority of contribution Order.

In detail, with socialist pensions, retirement from work is possible at the age of 64. That is, with the same registration requirements for quota 102 that will start next year. But among the pensions for 2022, there is also the one whose age requirement is up to 71 well. But with a modest contribution seniority required.

2022 Socialist Pensions Not Affected by Draghi’s Reform, Here’s What They Are

In detail, among the socialist pensions for 2022 that were not affected by the Draghi reform, the 64-year-old stands out. With at least 20 years of compulsory Social Security contributions paid. But according to two other conditions. That is, all compulsory social security contributions are paid in the pure contribution system. In addition, to reach the scale, it is necessary that the amount of the check exceeds at least 2.8 times the amountINPS admits to Social allowance disbursement.

Among the contributory pensions for 2022 that were not affected by the Draghi reform there are also 71. As mentioned above. With the contribution clause which in this case equals only 5 years of paid Social Security contributions. However, even in this case, contributions must always be part of the pension calculation system using the . method pure contribution.

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What will change instead of next year’s pension?

After we’ve clarified which one didn’t touch on pension contributions for 2022, what changes instead with Draghi’s reform? Change quota 100.

which expires on December 31, 2021. To leave space from next year, and for only 12 months, to class 102.

change as well woman’s choice With a two-year step submission. Just like a filesocial monkey which has been extended. As for the list of tedious tasks. As mentioned in this article.