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"The tournament only begins if my rider..."

“The tournament only begins if my rider…”

Italian League clubsThey complain of a crisis situation that can no longer be tolerated“Mainly because of the absence of spectators,”To start the next tournament“Requests”A very urgent meeting with Prime Minister Draghi, with the Minister of Economic Development Giorgiti and the Undersecretary for Sports VezzaliLega Serie A explains it in a note at the endGathering today. The match is necessary, according to clubs in the Premier League, to find “solutions for 1.2 billion damage suffered by clubs so farAnd setting procedures for the fans to return to the stadiums safely, starting from the first day of the next tournament.

Lega Serie A . press release

The clubs of the First Division, meeting today in the Assembly, are complaining of a crisis situation that is no longer possible due to the economic losses they incurred due to the absence of spectators from the stadiums in the last two sports seasons. To start the next tournament, not ignoring the desire of 38 million fans, A clubs unanimously request full speed. Meeting with Prime Minister Mario Draghi, with Economic Development Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti and Undersecretary for Sports Valentina Vezzali. This meeting is necessary to search, in coordination with the government, for appropriate solutions to the damage amounting to one billion and 200 million euros that the clubs have suffered so far due to the epidemic, and at the same time, to find ways to benefit the overall return. from the audience. In the stands since the first day of next season, the fans are completely safe and think about using the vaccine passport“.

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No to soup table

suggestion on Soup times for the first divisionthat have appeared in recent weeks. In fact, during today’s club meeting, after taking note ofThe impossibility of avoiding conflictsI was going on with the plan to distribute the 10 Serie A matches every day at many different times starting next season, and the choice was to abandon the idea.