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Training, diet and all the disciplines practiced by the second son of King Charles

Training, diet and all the disciplines practiced by the second son of King Charles

Prince Harry is a true sportsman, having practiced many disciplines since he was very young: here are what they are and his exercises.

English royals, as we know, are born athletes. In fact, all members of the Windsor family began playing sports from an early age, including disciplines that were once considered the exclusive purview of the noble families of the United Kingdom. Any examples? Fox hunting, banned in 1996 to popular acclaim, was practiced by the royal family until a few months ago.

The then Prince of Wales, now King Charles, was criticized for taking his sons William and Harry with him on a fox hunting trip. The king’s two sons also began playing other, less well-known sports, such as polo, in which they are professionals, and cricket.

Prince Harry Sports

As previously mentioned, the Princes of the House of Windsor have been exercising for years and are constantly training. According to the tabloids, showing a healthy physique will also be part of royal protocols. But what are the favorite sports of Duchess Meghan Markle’s husband? In addition to polo and cricket mentioned above, Prince Harry is a football fan and often plays with his friends. This passion has led many to wonder which team the second son of King Charles supports, although he has never spoken on the subject. But, according to these insiders, he could be a Chelsea supporter.

Prince Harry, his favorite sport – ( / Instagram: @SussexRoyals

Not only that: Prince Harry is also a Formula 1 fan, and as a huge McLaren fan, he has often been a guest at the prestigious car manufacturer’s garages. Second son of King Charles, fifth in line to the throne, bI train a lot and love athleticsIn London, he could be seen running early in the morning along the banks of the River Thames, followed by security personnel. Both in the UK and today in California, both Harry and Meghan are founders or members of organizations and associations that promote the importance of physical education and nutrition. These institutions have already built sports facilities, specifically dedicated to youth, and have promoted numerous awareness-raising projects.

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