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The spinach trick to preserving it without spoiling it: It will save you a lot of money

The spinach trick to preserving it without spoiling it: It will save you a lot of money

Spinach land of taste

Spinach, the clever trick to make it last longer. To be copied now!

Well, you want to keep your kids happy and you have bought some spinach. They love them if you cook them In a frying pan with mozzarella Stringy. On the other hand, your husband will covet her if you set her up omelet Which you will cook in the oven to make it lighter. Then there are you who want to set us up Delicious creamy risotto.

These are all great ideas but you forgot one thing: Preserving vegetables. Oh yeah, because let’s be very clear, this food It is not easy to store And in particular those who are not wide sheet. So too spinach They especially sensitive.

The first thing to do is check its quality before you buy it. Instead, spend a few extra cents but don’t get too carried away Mega Deals Which, as you know by now, isn’t always the case. Unlike that You risk throwing your money away. And in an instant Big crisis The one that is still in Italy will not be.

Spinach, the first thing to do to keep them healthy

Another note to make is that flatbreadAnd even if it’s well maintained, it won’t last more than a week. However, it is always advised not to wait for several days beforehand cook them Based on Taste them precisely because, as we have already shown you, I am very sensitivethe. Beyond that, beware Where do you keep them.

You can find them mostly on sale in the supermarket inside convenient plastic bags, Even big. Once you get home, Get rid of their packages. In fact, the material it is made of is not the best Vegetable health since It makes her sweat and go wrong first. Didn’t you know?

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Spinach, here's the best way to store it
Spinach land of taste

The top trick is to keep it

Once done, enter them food tray Not plastic and add a nice teardrop to it Absorbent kitchen paperto. This way you can tell Goodbye moisture It is certainly not a panacea The quality of our vegetablesabove all in the papers. If you want to make the process more efficient you can do it substitute. With what logic?

Instead of a card, you can insert it A clean, fresh suede clothto. This way you will be able not to rot quickly the your spinach Obviously there is concern for Put it in the fridge and don’t wash itI have never put it outdoors but only before using it your recipes.