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The snow is strong, a huge load is coming! Risk Areas, Valuables and Accumulations


Weather: Heavy snow is approaching, a big load is coming! Areas at risk, valued stocks and accumulations

The snowy Alps is ready to return, even more abundantly and abundantlyDue to the strong wave Bad weather Along with more air Cold, The Name Be the protagonist again in our mountains. In fact, we expect his immediate arrival as well Plenty e Strong In some lengths of the Alps. So let’s look at which areas are most affected, the allocations and above all the expected accumulations.

Already from The next hour A vast depression system pushed by cold and unstable currents can cause bad weather. Thanks to the temperature drop, we expect good snowfall in the Alps 1400/1500 meters At altitude especially in the Lombardy Mountains (Valdolina, Valcomonica in Primis), Trentino Aldo Addiz, Veneto and Friuli Venice Giulia; In these fields Name It will show up 1400 m with an accumulation of about 10 cm.
But not only the Alps, but also the highest peaks turn white Appennins North Especially the Tuscan-Emilian and surrounding areas Monte Simon.

Not only that, but vice versa. True Load Plenty We look forward to it Monday, November 15th When a new hurricane filled with cold air begins a new phase Bad weather. According to the latest updates, the scales should go down 1300 meters high Kind of Piedmont e Valle d’Aosta With Name Can whiten such spaces Limone Piemonte (CN), Sestriere (TO), Courmayeur (AO) and Breuil Cervinia (AO).
We look forward to the end of the event at key locations in the Western Alps 10/20 cm Fresh snow above 1300/1400 meters.

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