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The race for 5 clubs in the Champions League 24/25

The race for 5 clubs in the Champions League 24/25

there Champions League He is preparing to change his face. As of next season, 2023-24In fact, we will be moving from the current eight groups of 32 teams to one group of 36 profiles. So the possibility of having five Italian teams in the next edition of the major European club competition becomes real.

This is how there are five Italian teams in the Champions League

A possibility that will not only be available in the event of winning the Champions League or Europa League, but based on the results of Italian teams in the three European Union Championships which will determine the country’s classification by country. In this sense, the successes of Inter and Napoli, respectively, against Salzburg (2-1) and Union Berlin (1-0), are very important. Therefore, everything depends on the European path of Inter, Milan, Lazio and Napoli in the Champions League, Atalanta and Roma in the Europa League, and Fiorentina in the Conference League. If Italy can place itself in the top two in the 2023-24 rankings, up to five teams from Serie A will be able to participate in the next Champions League.

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